Exterior Safety Check


When walking towards your car, you have a clear view of what might be under your car.

Check for i.e. pets, balls or fluids (that could be from your car) under your car.

Also, check around the car if there are any loose or sharp parts.

Parts outside of the car that should be clean and intact:

  • Windows
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Windscreen wipers
  • License plates

Check the tires for:

  • Tears and/or bumps
    • These could lead to a tire blow-out on the freeway.
  • Valve cap
    • If this is not on your tire, dirt could get into the valve which causes the tire to go flat.
  • Tire tread pattern
    • The legally required tire tread depth is 1.6 mm. It’s advisable to change a tire when it reaches a tire tread depth of 2.0 mm.
    • The recommended tire tread depth of a snow/winter tire is 4.0 mm.
    • The tire tread depth can be checked by looking at the tire wear indicator which is located in the tire thread pattern. So when looking at a summer tire, the indicator will be at 1.6 mm. You should change the tire when the tire is at the same height as the indicator and/or when the cross on the indicator has worn out.
    • Tire tread depth is important because the tread drains water when driving through a puddle. This way, the tire can stay in contact with the road.
    • The tire tread depth of a winter tire is deeper since this tire also has to drain snow.tire wear indicator
  • Tire pressure
    • Newer car models alert you via a warning light when your tire pressure is off.
    • You can find information about the quantity of air that should be in your tire on a sticker on your door frame or inside of your petrol cap. The information can be found inside of your car’s manual when this is not the case.
  • How to check your oil level?
    • The driving examiner could ask you to explain how to check the oil level of your car. You can learn how to do this by looking at this video.

under the hood

Interior Safety Check


Dashboard symbols


Lighting control

Operation of wipers

Heating control